Decking Edinburgh

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Please have a look at examples of our work below.
Corstorphine Garden in Edinburgh
Decking Edinburgh Landscaping
landscape gardeners edinburgh
Decking Edinburgh " Decking Edinburgh"

Decking Edinburgh ” Decking Edinburgh”

Decking and Retaining walls to Edinburgh garden.
Decking Edinburgh
High level Decking to garden in Morningside, Edinburgh.
landscape gardeners edinburgh
Decking with balustrade near Dean Bridge , Edinburgh
decking edinburgh
Hardwood deck with stone trough barbecue to  North Berwick garden.
decking edinburgh
Decking and patio in The Grange , Edinburgh
Deck and steps to garden near Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
Softwood deck bridging levels to patio doors and garden
at Comiston, Edinburgh
Decking to bridge levels between
                                  patio doors and garden



Decking types
Decking is Available in three types of material hardwood,softwood and composite.
Hardwood is very durable and is less inclined to mark and scuff.It doesn,t need treating although if you want to keep the initial appearance it needs to be regularily oiled to prevent the timber distressing to a silvery grey.Hardwood decking is generally imported , commonly balau,teak, iroko amongst others so it is important that it is FSC sourced which means its certified and comes from sustainable sources.
Softwood is the standard choice for decking in the uk as it combines affordability , durability and looks. The timber is pressure treated to extend the life of the decking,which should last up to 30years.The boards we use are redwood pine which are superior in durability to native whitewood decking. All timber is FSC sourced.
Composite decking unlike timber resists fading, weathering and rot as it is made from a blend of plastics. It is maintenance free and comes in a variety of colours.
Which Decking to choose
Softwood decking is the most popular choice for customers as it is both durable and economical and requires minimal maintenance.
Hardwood decking is the most pleasing looking and is highly durable but requires higher maintenance to maintain aesthetics and is more expensive than softwood.
Composite decking requires no maintenance but is more expensive than softwood and is artificial.
Deckboards are generally 145mm wide with a 5mm spacing , 30mm deep and 4800mm long. They are normally reversible being grooved on one side and smooth on the other side.



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